Company Overview

Welcome to ISeeYouCare Inc. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying technologically advanced solutions in the form of Patient-Centered Medical Technologies to the National Health Care System.

Count on ISeeYouCare Inc. when passion demonstrated by technologically advanced solutions really count. Remember, exceptional products backed by exceptional service is our standard. ISeeYouCare is dedicated to making a difference!

The company was founded by Robert E. Higgs. As is often times the case in real life situations, the vision and subsequent technologies as developed and marketed by the company was birthed from an near tragedy involving Mr. Higgs wife, Carole. Mrs. Higgs was admitted to an acute care hospital facility for a common surgical procedure. Normally speaking, the hospital stay for this type of procedure was expected to last only two to three days.

Over the next 35 days with 27 days in an ICU environment, Carole found herself fighting for her very life. Mr. Higgs observed that many of the very systems for which his wife Carole's well being rested were either flawed or simply non-existent. Mr. Higgs himself an engineer made a commitment to his wife and himself that he would apply all his experience and abilities to help bring about change to an industry that for too long has resisted fundamental change in many areas having to do with clinical decision making.

Mr. Higgs, himself a proven entrepreneur and the President of a well respected company by the name of CSI Engineering (formerly CSI Industries d/b/a Chemical Systems) set out to develop and establish the framework for a patient-centered technology based company whose only mission was to bring about change in the nations Health Care System to the benefit of patients, care givers and the industry itself.

That was nearly seven years ago. ISeeYouCare was formed in August of 2008, and on July 15th, 2009, we launched the first of three product lines, "eDoc® Telemedicine". That was soon followed by a second and then third solution for both the patient and the physician called My eMHR and eDoc Physicians Web Portal. Together, these three stand-alone but integrated solutions provided the means for connecting patients to physicians and physicians to physicians with all the same patient data anywhere, anytime, and on any device with access to a web browser.

On March 25, 2013, ISeeYouCare became the first and only vendor of electronic medical record systems to obtain ONC ATB Federal Certification for having a Telemedicine/EHR ambulatory solution. The company is presently processing a second stage certification of the company's eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR solution for use in both ambulatory and in-patient (hospital) applications. With this new certification, the company will finally be able to deploy its solutions in the very application for which the company name was chosen for and the founder's mission was based on—the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).