The My eMHR Program has been specifically developed to provide every individual the right of ownership of their medical records and associated information.

Platinum Package

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The My eMHR "Platinum Package" is designed for use by Physicians when remotely monitoring patients for chronic or re-occurring illnesses. The system includes an assortment of diagnostic medical devices such as: NIBP Monitors, SpO2 Monitors, ECG Monitors, Temperature Monitors, Blood Glucose Monitoring, and Digital Weight/BMI Scales.

These devices are compact, portable, and Bluetooth based thus allowing the results to be transferred to a host computer system for integration into the My eMHR Cloud Based System. All clinical "alerts" and "events" are programmable by the care provider and provide the means of notification(s) to remote care providers of the patient's health care team.

Coupled with the patient data and communications capability provided by the My eMHR Records Based System, remote health care providers have all the tools they would ever require to provide an exceptional standard of care for and on behalf of their patient.

These technologies are making possible a standard of care that only years ago would have required hospitalization. Many States and Insurance Providers offer reimbursement for this level of service. Call 866-456-8653 and speak with an In-Home Monitoring Specialist for more details about this remarkable program.

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Contec CMS 550F

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter


Fora Care ECG HM100-01

5-Lead Bluetooth ECG Monitor

Fora Care BP and Blood Glucose D40-01

Bluetooth Blood Pressure & Blood Glucose Monitor

Fora Care Thermometer IR20-01

Bluetooth Ear Thermometer

Fora Care Weight Scales W310

Bluetooth Weight Scale

MIR Spirometer

Bluetooth Spirometer