ISeeYouCare Inc's Philanthropic Endeavors

The founders and management of ISeeYouCare are committed to pursue a specific form of philanthropy involving the very technology that the company was charted to develop and deploy throughout the world and specifically to the less fortunate of the world.

Even before the company was created, the founders knew that if they were successful in developing advanced medical informatics and related systems, they would have the potential to impact the world for the betterment of mankind.

They knew that they must develop a philanthropic plan in order to be successful. They took a look at the history of philanthropy in order to better understand its historical and practical relevance in today’s society.

It is generally agreed that the word "philanthropia" was coined 2500 years ago in ancient Greece, by the playwright Aeschylus as meaning "love of humanity".

The Greeks adopted the "love of humanity" as an educational ideal, whose goal was excellence (areté)—the fullest development of body, mind and spirit, which is the essence of liberal education. The Platonic Academy's philosophical dictionary defined Philanthropia as: "A state of well-educated habits stemming from love of humanity. A state of being productive of benefit to humans." Philanthropia was later translated by the Romans into Latin as, simply, humanitas—humane-ness.

Putting all this together in modern terms, there are four relatively authoritative definitions of "philanthropy" that come close to the Classical concept: John W. Gardner’s "private initiatives for the public good"; Robert Payton’s "voluntary action for the public good"; Lester Salamon’s "the private giving of time or valuables…for public purposes" and Robert Bremner’s "the aim of philanthropy…is improvement in the quality of human life". Combining these to connect modern philanthropy with its entire previous history, "philanthropy" may best be defined as, "private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life."

ISeeYouCare Inc. has pledged to donate one (1) eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Mobile Cart or Case System for every nine (9) units sold to include installation, startup and commissioning and one year’s free technical and commercial support (hosting and other related services).

ISeeYouCare is working with several national and international organizations such as Doctors without Borders (MSF) and others in an effort to identify potential beneficiaries that might benefit from such technology. The management of ISeeYouCare recognizes that we cannot accomplish our mission by ourselves. The technology in and of itself can achieve nothing without the support of trained medical professionals on both ends, local and remote.

Every installation involves a tremendous amount of planning, coordination and ultimately execution in order to begin to reap the rewards and benefits of the technology. On the other hand, the technology has been specifically developed to be user friendly and flexible in how it is used. You can utilize some or all of the features as experience level and support permits.

Every one of our corporate partners has the opportunity to be part of this exciting program. Some of our customers have the ability of purchasing nine units or even more. They should know that for every nine units purchased, ISeeYouCare is going to donate a unit to some deserving community healthcare program.

For every customer who purchases nine or more units, ISeeYouCare will donate a unit in their name to any community program of their choosing. Additionally, the customer representatives can choose to participate in as little or as much of the commissioning activities as they desire.

Our philanthropic aren't limited to the eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR Solutions. The management of ISeeYouCare Inc. has decided that certain groups of individuals deserve all the support they can muster. To that end, ISeeYouCare has made available a Silver Package Subscription Plan for the My eMHR to every college student with an .edu e-mail address. Additionally, ISeeYouCare has decided to offer a Free My eMHR Silver Subscription Plan to every member of our armed forces who have a .mil e-mail address as our way of saying, "thanks, for your sacrifice".

ISeeYouCare Inc. feels privileged to be a position to be able to promote enhanced healthcare initiatives through use of advanced medical informatics and communication systems.